The Meranda Law Firm LTD Articles Vehicular Manslaughter: A Sad But Not Uncommon Mistake

Vehicular Manslaughter: A Sad But Not Uncommon Mistake

By Meranda Law Firm  Mar. 21, 2011 11:53a

People make mistakes when driving and when they accidently kill another or others, charges of vehicular manslaughter may result. Criminal activity is sometimes behind vehicular manslaughter accidents or the cause can be from simple carelessness.

Causes of Vehicular Manslaughter 

There are many different circumstances that can lead to vehicular manslaughter, following are some of the more common ones:

  • Reckless driving
  • Hit and run (charges can be even more severe with a hit and run)
  • Speeding or otherwise violating traffic laws
  • Evading law enforcement officers
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license


Manslaughter is a charge that implies the accident was not intentional or pre planned and is a result of criminal negligence as opposed to criminal intent. Vehicular manslaughter is still a serious crime however, as loss of life occurred.

Seek Competent Legal Counsel

If you or someone you love has been charged with vehicular manslaughter in the Columbus area, you need to consult with a  Columbus criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. At the Meranda Law Firm, we are experienced, competent and aggressive attorneys who will help create a strategic defense for the charges being brought against you. If convicted, you could be faced with a prison term, heavy monetary fines, revocation of your driver's license and other penalties; we realize these are frightening consequences and we offer you our services and expertise in this area to lessen the charges or get them dismissed if at all possible. Aggressive and immediate action can make a difference.

Please feel free to contact a Columbus vehicular manslaughter attorney in our office to set up a free consultation. We will go over the details of the accident and answer any questions you may have.

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