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Fort Worth Officer Arrested For Drug Charges

By Zendeh Del Law Firm  Feb. 21, 2011 10:11a

Sting Operation Catches Policeman Red-Handed

An investigation launched by the internal affairs agency at Fort Worth leads to the arrest of one of it's own officers in yet another gaffe. The embattled police department has had several embarrassing events occur over the last year, with two separate off-duty officers charged with drunk driving incidents, as well as a widely publicized bribery case involving a former vice officer.

The policeman in question, Officer Wesley Lamb, is accused of marijuana possession. In addition to this, he also faces the perhaps more serious charge of tampering with police evidence. This latest development could cause even more strain on the department's already tarnished credibility with the public.

The FWPD was originally notified by an anonymous source that claimed to have spotted Lamb smoking marijuana while on duty, sitting in his patrol car. Internal affairs was notified of the tip, and proceeded to launch an investigation. Lamb became the target of a sting operation, with an undercover investigator posing as a witness to a drug crime.

83 grams of marijuana the agent claimed to have found was turned in to Lamb, who promptly failed to notify the department of the claim or hand over the drugs to evidence. After obtaining a search warrant, the investigators retrieved the marijuana from his car and house. The 34 year old officer was placed under arrest shortly after. A statement was released by Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead announcing Lamb's resignation. He assured the public that his department would not allow criminals to hide behind a police badge, and announced a restructuring effort intended to increase accountability and supervision of officers.

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