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Fraud – The Most Common White Collar Crime

By Zendeh Del Law Firm  Jul. 25, 2011 11:28a

Types of Felonies Involving Fraud in Texas

The Texas Penal Code lists thousands of different criminal offenses. Those which are felonies involving fraud are listed under Chapter 32. Felonies are crimes which are generally punishable by more than a year in a state prison. They also involve fines, probation, and often in fraud cases, restitution of payment to victims, frequently with interest accrued. Fraud generally consists of criminal activity based on misrepresentation or deception in which the money, property, goods, or services of others are stolen by the offender. Fraud is generally a non-violent crime, which may be committed by a person in a position of trust, by a public official, an executive, accountant, entrepreneur, or other business professional.

Various forms of fraud in Texas include forgery, stealing or receiving stolen checks, credit card or debit card abuse, false statements to obtain property or credit, credit card transaction record laundering, issuing bad checks, deceptive business practices, commercial bribery, illegal recruitment of an athlete, creating fake or copied counterfeit objects or art, trademark counterfeiting, hindering secured creditors, the fraudulent transfer of a motor vehicle, violating one's fiduciary duties involving property or assets, securing the execution of a document by deception, fraudulently possessing or using another's ID, and more.

Consequences of Fraud Allegations

Merely being accused of fraud can ruin your career, compromise social and business relationships, as well as lead to criminal penalties. If you are convicted of a felony based on fraud in Texas, you will have a permanent criminal record which can negatively impact your future in terms of professional licenses, career opportunities, and even the ability to rent or lease an apartment. In today's electronically-enhanced world, criminal background checks are common which can cause future employers and licensing agencies to deny you approvals on applications.

When facing a white collar crime charges, it is always in your best interests to retain the services of a defense attorney who has the experience, diligence, and skills to create a strong and effective defense strategy. What separates fraud from errors, sloppiness, and mistakes is the actual intent of the individual. If you have been accused of fraud in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, McKinney, or Plano, you owe it to yourself to talk to a Plano criminal defense attorney at Zendeh Del Law Firm to get specific and capable advice on how your case can be defended to save your reputation and your freedom.

Contact a Plano criminal defense attorney at Zendeh Del Law Firm today if you are being investigated for or have been charged with fraud in Texas.

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