Thomas A. Brant Articles 22-Year-Old OUI Case Brought To Trial

22-Year-Old OUI Case Brought To Trial

By Thomas A. Brant  Oct. 13, 2011 2:24p

Boston Man Evades Drunk Driving Charges For More Than Two Decades

A suspect arrested by police twenty-two years ago on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol has been brought to court after decades of avoiding his charges.

The initial arrest occurred late one night in January 1989, when the suspect was allegedly witnessed drifting suddenly across three traffic lanes. The reckless move took place in what was then the Dewey Square Tunnel, an area that has since been revamped. Eyewitnesses reported his dangerous behavior to the authorities, who began a search for the driver's 1977 Buick station wagon.

Law enforcement officers caught up with the alleged driver at around 4:00 AM, pulling him over and asking him if he had been drinking. According to court records filed by the District Attorney's office, the man came clean to the arresting officers, saying he had had somewhere around five beers before getting behind the wheel. He also admitted that he had just been released from jail for a prior intoxicated driving offense.

Local Police Lose Track Of Suspected OUI Offender

According to the District Attorney, the suspect was taken into custody by the Boston Police Department, where authorities learned the man was driving with a suspended license, without insurance, and with plates from another vehicle. He was charged shortly thereafter for these crimes, as well as operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

At this point, however, the records indicate that the man simply disappeared after being released by law enforcement. Due to the heavy volume of traffic offenders in the system, however, his absence was never noticed and he was apparently forgotten about.

"He's been in default for so long that the arresting agency doesn't even exist anymore," admitted the district attorney. "Not to mention the scene of the crime, which is completely different today."

This oversight was rectified earlier in August, when the suspect, now 68, was brought into court on charges of soliciting sex for a fee and trespassing. The judge ordered that he stand trial for the 1989 charges.

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