Thomas A. Brant Articles Alleged Mobster Hides Out in Idaho to Raise Cows

Alleged Mobster Hides Out in Idaho to Raise Cows

By Law Offices of Thomas Brant  Apr. 6, 2011 2:48p

Worcester – An alleged New England mobster was found hiding out in Idaho raising cows for over ten years. He pleaded not guilty last Friday to nearly a dozen federal charges, including plotting a murder of his former boss.

The alleged mobster was arrested at his home in Marsing, Idaho last month. According to the FBI, the suspect had lived in Idaho for more than a decade after fleeing Boston in 1994 to avoid state drug charges. The 42-year-old man entered his not guilty pleas in the U.S. District Court in Worcester after federal authorities captured him and brought him back to Massachusetts.

According to authorities, the suspect had been living a quiet life under an assumed name, in a farm town, outside of Boise. His neighbors had positive things to say about him, describing him as hardworking and a proud father of two.

In an FBI search of his home in Idaho, 38 guns, $15,000 in cash and approximately 50 books and manuals on ways to create false identification and aliases were found.

The suspect was indicted on serious federal charges, including the attempted killing of his former mob boss in 1989, outside the International House of Pancakes in Saugus. The mob boss sustained gunshot wounds to the leg and chest, but he survived his injuries and went on the head the crime family. If you have been arrested for are under investigation for any type of drug crimes, violent crimes, or weapons charges, you should contact a Boston criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights.

The cow farmer from Idaho was charged with conspiracy to murder, federal racketeering, and conspiracy to distribute cocaine and firearms counts. He is facing life in prison if he is convicted.

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