Thomas A. Brant Articles Massachusetts Bank Robber Sentenced To 30 Months

Massachusetts Bank Robber Sentenced To 30 Months

By Thomas A. Brant  May. 25, 2011 3:23p

Police Capture Criminals After Stealing From Two Banks

A man allegedly involved in a series of bank robberies in Connecticut was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for his crimes on Friday, May 13th, reports the Valley Independent Sentinel.

According to court documents, the 39-year old man is a native of Lawrence, MA. He was alleged to have helped steal more than $50,000 in September of 2009, with the help of three other men. The first robbery began late in the evening on September 6th, as the suspect, his brother, and a third accomplice cut the phone lines to the Huntington Street TD Bank in preparation for their theft. The brother stood watch for law enforcement officers while the defendant and the third accomplice pried open the bank’s rear entrance.

The two entered the building, wearing gloves and masks to protect themselves from identification, and began to ransack the teller stations. The robbers made off with coins and small change totaling $1,632. The haul would have been greater, federal prosecutors said in court, but the men failed to open the vault and were forced to leave without the contents.

A second robbery occurred in the area just 8 days later, when the defendant knocked over another TD Bank, with two different accomplices, this time in Waterbury. Again the man cut the phone lines to the building, broke in, and experienced failure. After repeatedly failing to enter the ATM room of the bank, the accomplice from the first robbery arrived, helping them finally gain access to the repository. The men loaded an ATM into a waiting van and fled the scene. When it was found later by police, the ATM was discovered to be missing about $49,000.

The defendant was convicted of his federal charges of robbery, facing 30 months in prison and an additional three years of supervision.

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