Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law Articles Man Accused of Forced Entry & Making Hostage Cook Meal for Him

Man Accused of Forced Entry & Making Hostage Cook Meal for Him

By Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law  Mar. 12, 2013 2:20p

A Santa Ana man was recently taken into custody after a drug sting but will likely face additional charges as witnesses come forward. While official charges have not been made in regard to several other incidents he is suspected of being involved with, a number of people have made positive IDs and accused the 40-year-old transient of somewhat bizarre crimes. The man, T.W., allegedly entered the apartment of one family early in the morning while they were sleeping. The front door was reportedly unlocked and he walked in and took $100 from a woman's purse. The woman's son was awake and allegedly confronted T.W. and chased him out of the house. A woman in the same apartment complex reports that she recognized T.W. who had broke into her apartment later that same day. He reportedly held her hostage and said he would not hurt her but forced her to cook a meal for him. She complied and the man kept her there for about three hours while he ate and took drugs. The woman said he finally left and took her bicycle. The incidents at the apartment building made the local news and an individual from a nearby apartment building said she recognized the bike which had been left at her building next to some clothes that matched what the suspect had been wearing. She also said she saw the man when he came back for the bike and that he matched the suspect's description. Have you been accused of a crime in Santa Ana? Talk to a criminal defense lawyer to find out what your legal options are for fighting the charges against you.

Two days later, police were conducting an undercover drug sting near the location of the break ins. Officers arrested T.W. who allegedly sold drugs to undercover officers. Reports state he was found with methamphetamine on his person which was also the drug he was selling to the officers. T.W. is currently in jail being held on $1 million bail and charged with felony possession and sales of methamphetamines. Additional charges are likely to be filed in connection to the break ins, thefts and kidnapping.

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