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Christian Van Riper and Timothy Nies are trial attorneys. Christian is a former prosecuting attorney for the State of Florida, who has handled many robbery cases. Timothy is a military veteran and a former insurance company trial attorney. Christian and Tim are here to help guide you through the complicated legal process to give you peace of mind that the well-being and future of you and your family are being looked after. 

According to Florida law, robbery is the use of, or threat of, force to take another's property and includes carjacking, mugging, bank robbery, among others.  A charge of robbery should always be taken seriously since the consequences of a robbery conviction are so life-changing. Loss of freedom, separation from one's family,  a criminal record, and years of probation are just a few of the many punishments associated with such a serious charge. 

If you are facing robbery charges, you must protect your Constitutional rights by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney to provide you with proactive and aggressive representation.  Our trial attorneys are known for their proactive and thorough investigative and trial skills and leave no stone unturned in the defense of our clients.

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