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Theft Defense

"We produce solutions for clients in trouble..."

Van Riper & Nies relies on personal attention, open communications and trust when working for our clients.

Our attorneys, Christian Van Riper, a former prosecutor and Department of Children & Families investigator, and Timothy Nies, a military veteran and former insurance company trial attorney, are experienced litigators. Our firm strives to provide professional, prompt efficient and economical legal services to each every client.

If convicted for a crime of theft, you may face jail time, probation, fines or other penalties. Our attorneys represent defendants in all types of theft crimes, including:

- Robbery,
- Home-invasion robbery,
- Carjacking
- Burglary,
- Grand theft,
- Shoplifting,
- Bad/worthless checks,
- Credit card fraud,
- Workers' compensation fraud,
- Identity theft, among others.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney soon after being charged, or prior to being charged, is important. Our attorneys offer free consultations, day, night, weekday or weekend. We are here to help guide you through the complicated criminal legal process to give you, and your family, piece of mind.

Attorneys Timothy and Christian, try all personal injury and criminal defense cases as a powerful trial team. 

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