my son was arrested for armrobbery and carjacking whats the jail time for these offenses?

My son carjacked a young lady in jackson ms with a gun. when arrested the gun was not found

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Based on the information you have given, when a person is facing carjacking charges, they are considered to be felony charges. Depending on the state you live in and the severity of the events that took place if your son is convicted with this crime he could be looking at anywhere from three to nine years in prison for just the carjacking. When adding armed robbery into the picture, the possibility of charges may increase. This act is also considered to be a felony crime, and defined means that the accused attempt to steal forcibly while threatening with a dangerous weapon. From what it sounds like he did not use the dangerous weapon and that it may be a good place to start in his defense, when dealing with felony charges a lot may be at stake if a person is convicted. You have not stated the age of your son, though it is likely that he is not yet an adult, and if that is the case he still has a lot of life ahead of him. By contacting a criminal defense attorney you may have a chance to fight those charges, don’t wait to take action your sons future rests on it.

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