Will I get a bond if I turn myself in for a bench warrant that is 3 years old?

I was arrested for a fta warrant and served 4 days in jail plus paid a 7000 dollar bond for a misdemeanor offense. I was then notified the next day that I have another warrant for the same case that I need to turn myself in for and spend the night in jail again before seeing a judge. Will he make me pay another bond or keep me or what? It's my first and only offense ever.

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Failure to Appear warrants can be a serious issue and may result in jail or bond. Normally, FTAs are issued when a person neglects to show up to court regarding a traffic offense. The law enforcement then has the right to go to that person’s house and arrest them. Your consecutive FTA may be a mistake, considering that you just served a sentence for an FTA. You may want to hire a criminal defense attorney to help look into the case for you. A lawyer who has an intricate knowledge of the justice system may be able to detect a flaw that you wouldn't have noticed. If the criminal defense lawyer finds that you were rightfully issued another arrest warrant, than it is better to turn yourself in than to wait for an arrest. Your bond may be posted at a lower expense, and you may be able to clear up the FTA mess in a shorter amount of time. If you have to attend a court hearing, then you will want to make sure that you have a legal advocate on your side. In some cases, a hardworking criminal defense attorney may be able to get an FTA dismissed. If you had to avoid your court date because of a medical emergency or a death in the family, for example, then a lawyer may be able to work through this with you and prove to the court that you should be permitted grace from this offense. If you have no excuse, then a criminal defense attorney may still be able to whittle down your sentences so that they are not as constraining or serious as they used to be. Talk to a criminal defense attorney that operates in your jurisdiction if you need more information about this situation or need representation in a FTA offense.

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