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Arkady Bukh is an experienced defense attorney and founder of the Bukh Law Firm, PLLC. Bukh was born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan in July 1972. Bukh made his arrival to the United States in the early 1990s at the time of collapse of Soviet Union. Bukh is a graduate of the New York Law School and has been licensed to practice law in New York since 2003.

Bukh founded his own law firm in 2006 and his team has become a go-to law office for both local and international clients in need of representation in complex civil and criminal matters. The firm’s practice is primarily based in New York, but it recently opened a branch in Moscow.

Significant Experience Defending High-Profile Clients

Bukh successfully represented high-profile clients charged in major international white-collar offenses such as Igor Klopov, Vlad Horohorin, Oleg Nikolaenko and Dmitry Smilyanets. In addition, Bukh defended Azamat Tazhayakov, one of the friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Bukh combines aggressive courtroom advocacy and a deep knowledge of civil law and criminal law at both the state and federal level. Bukh also remains committed to the principles of inclusion, cultural diversity and equal justice, which has been his guiding force since he graduated law school. Bukh’s commitment to equal justice is a reason why Bukh and his criminal defense practice have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Committed to the Community

Bukh is committed to helping the New York community by performing pro bono services to many constituents in need. He is able to help minority populations in New York due to his fluency in multiple languages. For example, attorneys with Bukh’s firm speak the following languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Cantonese, Ghongzhou, Toisan and Spanish.

Respected and Recognized in the Legal Profession

Bukh is a distinguished member of numerous professional organizations in the legal community, including:

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys;

  • Russian American Bar Association;

  • Serbian American Bar Association;

  • Brooklyn Criminal Bar Association; and

  • National Italian-American Bar Association.

Types of Cases Arkady Bukh Handles Each and Every Day

Mr. Bukh has experience handling an array of legal issues including the following:

  • Federal criminal offenses (e.g. federal jurisdiction issues for foreign defendants, cases involving the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and RICO);

  • Defense of healthcare professionals in Medicaid fraud cases, identity theft cases, etc.;

  • Drunk driving charges (i.e. DWI/DUI);

  • Family law issues such as divorce, alimony, child support, etc.;

  • Drug offenses;

  • Estates and trusts;

  • Immigration matters;

  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud;

  • Real estate transactions; and

  • White collar crimes.

Practice Areas

Assault & Battery
Computer Crimes
Crimes Against Children
Criminal Defense
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
Hate Crimes
Juvenile Crimes
Sex Crimes
Statutory Rape
Theft Crimes
Violent Crimes
White Collar Crimes

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