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Serious Violent Felonies in Georgia

Under Georgia law, serious violent felonies carry serious penalties. If you are convicted of a crime of this type, you will not be eligible for first offender probation.

The Potential Unfairness of the Criminal Justice System

It has been reported that a Georgia mother was convicted of misdemeanor charges after her son darted into traffic and was killed by a motorist who later fled the scene.

Facing Drug Crime Charges?

If you've been charged with a drug crime your future may be in jeopardy.

Sex Trafficking Happens Even in Georgia

Sex crimes such as sex trafficking normally involve one or more persons forcing another into partaking in a sexual act – this not only involves sex crimes, but often false imprisonment as well.

Odometer Fraud Is On The Increase

Fraud, no matter what type, is still illegal and can be characterized by the use of deceit, violation of trust or concealment in some form. Odometer fraud is a type of fraud that may not be commonly ...

Hate Crimes: What Are They?

Most federal and state statutes define hate crimes as crimes which are committed against a person or a property which are motivated wholly or in part by the perpetrators’ hostility or bias against the ...

Domestic Violence is Alive and Well in Georgia

Domestic violence can be defined as abuse or violence that occurs between members of a family, people who live with each other, spouses or former spouses or those who have children together.
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