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The Law Office of Guerra & Farah, PLLC is determined to protect the rights of its clients as well as build a strong defense for their case. With 30 years of combined experience, the McAllen criminal defense attorneys have developed a wealth of knowledge as well as a multitude of resources to understand what it takes to effectively represent their clients. If you have been accused of a criminal offense, it is important to have confident and exceptional representation on your side. Whether you have been charged with DWI, manslaughter, domestic violence, sex crimes, theft, drug crimes, murder, white collar crimes or any other type of federal charge, now is the time to discuss your options with a McAllen criminal defense lawyer from the firm.

When someone charges you of committing a crime, they typically already have you pegged as being guilty. Not only can these charges ruin your reputation, but they can alter your life completely. Having a stern and experienced lawyer on your side may be the difference between being imprisoned for the rest of your life and getting these charges successfully dropped. The Law Office of Guerra & Farah can get you started towards building a relentless and zealous defense for your case.

In addition to imprisonment, federal charges may also lead to elongated probation, community service and heavy fines. The criminal defense lawyers in McAllen, Texas can thoroughly evaluate your federal crimes case and get you started towards an end result that is in your best interests. There is no time to waste if you have been accused of federal charges in Texas; talk to the Law Office of Guerra & Farah to start building a strong defense for your case immediately. You can even learn more about the bilingual and free case evaluation services they offer.

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