Hager & Schwartz, P.A. Articles Florida Pain Management Clinics Face Strict Regulations

Florida Pain Management Clinics Face Strict Regulations

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.  Sep. 7, 2012 12:58p

Last year, new pain management and prescription laws were enacted in Florida in an effort to control drug trafficking in the state. Severe penalties were put into place for physicians in such clinics found to be over-prescribing painkillers. A special Florida law enforcement drug team was created by the state's governor to find and eliminate any pain management clinics found to be engaging in prescription drug abuse practices. Since the implementation of the new regulations, thousands of arrests have been made and millions of prescription painkillers have been seized. Per statistics reported by National Public Radio in an article entitled "The Oxy Express," Florida doctors prescribed ten times more oxycodone pain pills than all other states in the nation combined prior to the crackdown.

These pain clinics were often visited by people from all over the Southeast who would come to Florida for such prescriptions, which resulted in the term "pillbilly" to describe them. Such individuals would receive a cursory exam and then receive pain pill prescriptions, which they could fill on the premises of the pain clinic itself, in some cases. The new restrictions, which are still being enforced vigorously throughout the state, can result in six month license suspensions and fines of up to $10,000 as minimum penalties for licensed health professionals who violate the regulations. As part of the new regulations, the Florida Department of Health identified all those practitioners who bought more than an average of 2,000 Schedule II or Schedule III painkiller doses per month so as to determine whether they posed a danger to public health.

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