Hager & Schwartz, P.A. Articles Jurors Hear Testimony in Case of Teen Charged with Murder of Pregnant Girlfriend

Jurors Hear Testimony in Case of Teen Charged with Murder of Pregnant Girlfriend

By The Law Offices of Hager & Schwartz, P.A  Feb. 23, 2012 4:48p

A local teen has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend who was pregnant with his child. Both were 17 at the time of the incident and the girlfriend, S.R., was 8 months pregnant with the defendant’s son. The prosecutor for the case said the defendant, E.B., had met up with his girlfriend late at night at a local grocery store parking lot. It is then alleged that E.B. shot her twice and then fled the location. S.R. was found dead at the scene with two gunshot wounds—one to her head and one to her abdomen. The prosecutor argues that no one else would have had a reason to direct a shot into her abdomen, thus killing the fetus. There is no physical evidence that puts E.B. at the scene of the murder but one of his friends led police to the gun used in the crime and another friend admitted to lying about being with the defendant at the time the incident took place. If you or someone you care about has been charged with the serious crime of murder in Miami-Dade, Broward County or surrounding areas, speak with a Miami criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Do you need the help of a Miami murder attorney?

Murder is one of the most serious and sensationalized charges one can face. It is crucial that you have a strong murder defense lawyer on your side aggressively fighting for you. If you have been charged with this crime in southern Florida, you could be facing the death penalty. The stakes don’t get any higher than that. At Hager & Schwartz, P.A. we use our extensive experience in criminal law to do everything possible to get the charges against our client reduced or dropped altogether. A skilled attorney with a background in criminal prosecution is what you will get if you become a client with the firm. We don’t shy away from tough cases and we don’t back down for an instant when our client’s freedom and very life is on the line. We have the resources and vast knowledge necessary to get results in a murder case. Whether you are facing second degree murder or first degree murder involving alleged premeditation, you need someone on your side that will do what it takes to make sure you are fully represented.

Contact a Miami murder lawyer at our firm to discuss your case as soon as possible. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

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