Rogan Law Articles Detective Nabs Burglar While Off-Duty

Detective Nabs Burglar While Off-Duty

By Rogan Law  Aug. 11, 2011 4:39p

Suspect Allegedly Stole Cash And Credit Cards From Scranton Home

After investigating a nighttime burglary, a detective caught sight of the suspect while off the clock, alerting fellow officers to make the arrest.

The incident began in late June, when a local homeowner awoke one morning to discover his front door unlocked and a kitchen window open. He called law enforcement officers, reporting the theft of more than eight hundred dollars in cash as well as multiple credit cards. Police determined that a burglar had entered the house through the window after the resident had gone to sleep, stealing a leather briefcase containing the cash and the cards.

Contacting the victim’s creditors, police learned that the cards had been used at a Walmart, a Walgreens downtown, and a convenience store in Turkey Hill.

Investigators Use Card Purchases To Identify Suspect

The Scranton police detective in charge of the case realized that this information could be used to crack the case. He was given access to surveillance footage taken at the stores that morning, eventually noticing a man who appeared in all three locations within the appropriate time frame. The suspect, a man appearing to be in his fifties, was seen in the convenience store tape driving a red minivan with two missing hubcaps.

By chance, just a few days later, the detective was in the parking lot of a Price Chopper store in Taylor when he saw the red minivan with missing hubcaps drive into the lot. Acting quickly, he contacted fellow law enforcement officers, who placed the alleged burglar under arrest.

The 57-year old man is allegedly on state parole for another burglary. He has been charged with burglary, theft, criminal trespassing, forgery, and access device fraud.

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