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Criminal charges are always serious and should never be treated lightly. If you have been accused of criminal activity of any kind, it is absolutely imperative that you know where you can turn to receive trustworthy and reliable support. You have come to the right place! At The Merchant Law Firm, you can have confidence that your case rests in competent hands. A Marietta criminal defense lawyer at the office has dealt with all kinds of criminal accusations and is equipped to defend you today. You can receive the help you need for charges of domestic violence. It is absolutely critical that you know where you can turn to receive the help you need if you have been indicted with charges of federal crimes. These charges can result in extremely serious and life-altering consequences, and it is critical that you take immediate action and procure the support you need. Common penalties for criminal accusations include prison sentences, monetary fines, and/or the loss of certain rights and privileges. You do not want these serious consequences, and with the help of an experienced attorney, your charges could be lowered or dropped completely! You can also receive the help you need if you have been accused of DUI. If it can be shown that your field sobriety test or breath and blood test was not conducted fairly, your charges could be significantly lowered. Let an experienced lawyer provide you with the defense you need. Drug crimes charges are extremely serious and can result in a plethora of consequences. The severity of the penalties incurred often depends on several factors, such as the number of people involved in the situation and the extent of the crime. The team at this law office has dealt with death penalty cases, as well, and they are prepared to take on your case and fight tirelessly on your behalf in pursuit of the resolution that is in your best interests. Do not wait any longer to contact an attorney at this office and begin down the road to a bright and hopeful future.

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