Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law Articles Resisting Arrest Can Often Be Misinterpreted

Resisting Arrest Can Often Be Misinterpreted

By Charles Craft  Mar. 21, 2011 10:43a

When a person is being arrested, often times there may be much confusion going on in the immediate area and it becomes difficult to remain calm and not feel fear. Many different thoughts may be going through the person's mind and their first instinct is to struggle, run or be combative, especially if the person knows he is innocent or is being provoked.

When one is frightened or confused, clear thinking does not always prevail and sometimes the additional charge of resisting arrest comes on top of the original reason for arrest. False perceptions or faulty police work can bring about a person being charged with resisting arrest when this may not have really been the case. Being arrested can be a frightening experience and seeking legal help is much to your advantage, regardless of whether you have also been charged with resisting arrest.  

What To Do If Charged 

If you have been charged with resisting arrest in the Boise Idaho area, you should contact a  Boise criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible to protect your rights as well as your freedom. Having resisting arrest as an additional charge to what you were originally arrested for could increase your penalties and will tarnish your image all the more in the eyes of the law. They may see you as someone who has no regard for the law which increases your chances of conviction.

At the Law Office of Charles Craft, we are skilled and experienced in handling resisting arrest charges. This is a grey area in the legal arena and can be difficult to prove. We are thorough and detailed in our defense tactics with the goal of creating an optimum outcome for your case. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation before things get out of hand. We will give you the advice you need for your defense against a resisting arrest charge or any other crime you may have been charged with.

Contact a Boise resisting arrest defense attorney in our office for an appointment today.

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