Knight Law Office Articles Dallas Officer Fired & Charged with Felony Assault

Dallas Officer Fired & Charged with Felony Assault

By Knight Law Office  Nov. 4, 2013 3:02p

C.S., a former officer with the Dallas Police Department was dismissed from his job and charged with aggravated assault after an incident in which a mentally ill man was shot. The shooting happened on October 14th when C.S. and another officer responded to a call for assistance at a local residence. The mother of a 52-year-old man called police after an argument with her son began to escalate. She alerted the dispatcher that her son, B.B., had been diagnosed with several mental disorders and was currently off his medication. She reports that the dispatcher told her that officers trained in handling people with mental illness would be sent. C.S. and a fellow officer arrived at the home and say they found B.B. sitting in a chair in the street and in possession of a knife. C.S. reported that he and the other officer tried to talk with him and get him to drop the knife but matters escalated and B.B. lunged at them. C.S. shot the man and wounded him. B.B. was transported to the hospital and is now in stable condition. A deeper investigation into the shooting began, however, when surveillance video from a neighbor's home reportedly shows that B.B. did not lunge at the officers before C.S. fired on him. Witness at the scene came forward and their account of the incident matched with the video footage. The other officer who was on the scene with C.S. initially corroborated the shooting officer's account of what happened but began to change his story when the surveillance video came to light. The video did not contain audio and investigators are continuing to look into the highly publicized incident. C.S., however, was subsequently relieved of duty and charged with the serious felony assault charge. Make sure you are not unduly charged with a crime by getting the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately

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