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Criminal Defense attorney Nicholas Wooldridge has reached the peak of professionalism in the legal field, first in New York City, then internationally and now in Las Vegas. His roster of clients includes Wall Street Bankers, International cyberthieves, run-of-the-mill offenders and he served as co-counsel for one of the individuals linked to the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Regardless of the infamy of the person who retains him, Mr. Wooldridge personifies professionalism as he represents each client. His expertise in defending the accused is unmatched as is his attention to detail. A firm believer in the principle that arrestee should have their day in court, Mr. Wooldridge ensures his clients receive the best guidance as they go through some of the most troublesome days of their life.

In a profession known for its dog-eat-dog tendencies, Mr. Wooldridge is respected by peers, prosecuting attorneys and jurists, He has pieced together a solid network within the legal community. The accolades and awards won are appreciated, but Mr. Wooldridge reserves his greatest appreciation for the testimonials written regularly for him by grateful clients.

Hanging on the wall of Mr. Wooldridge's law firm is a quote by Abraham Lincoln which sums up Mr. Wooldridge's approach to the law:

"The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence. Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today."

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Nick Wooldridge, Esq

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Nick is the founder of LV Criminal Defense. A native of Las Vegas, he spent a good portion of his life working in New York is some most prestigious criminal law firms. The experience and efficiency pr ... read more »
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