LV Criminal Defense Articles 4 Things You May Not Know About Las Vegas Casinos — But Need to Know

4 Things You May Not Know About Las Vegas Casinos — But Need to Know

By Nicholas Wooldridge, Esq  May. 23, 2017 4:04a

Paris Hilton learned that the casinos in Sin City doesn't abide some flaws when she was caught and arrested while possessing cocaine. Hilton claimed the coke was put into her purse by a companion who had "appropriated" the sack earlier in the evening. "I didn't know" didn't hold up as an excuse when Hilton tried.

Laws against coke possession don't seem absurd but remember this is Vegas. Ignorance of the rules is no defense, study up on Las Vegas ordinances before visiting. Check your purses and pockets before arriving.

21 to Place Bets

You must be twenty-one to place bets. You can visit a casino at any age, but those below 21 are required to stay away from the gaming areas and stick to assigned paths through the one-arm bandits, roulette wheels, and blackjack tables. Casinos are super strict in their rules. They don't want to forfeit their permit, so the bars and casinos continuously check for identification. If you are discovered, expect to be escorted away from the gaming section, off the lot and maybe even given a ticket or detained.

21 to Drink

The imbibing age is 21, and you can legitimately purchase a cocktail in Vegas when the clock hits midnight on your "Natal Day" — but there's no promise you'll be permitted inside before twelve. You can't purchase liquor for those under 21 — that's called "corrupting a minor" and will get you arrested. Most places that serve up food and alcohol permit the underaged to eat there — if supervised by an adult. Remember, Las Vegas does have under-21 nightclubs which don't serve alcohol.


Yes. No. Maybe. Floor spaces in big casinos, striptease bars, and alcohol-only bars permit smoking, but only those over 18 can purchase cigarettes. Any places that serve food does not allow smoking. If caught in a non-smoking section, you'll be told to leave and may get a fine.

Card Counting

Counting cards are verboten. If a casino surmises you are counting cards, they can boot you out and clawback your winnings. As a private establishment, a casino can refuse service — to anyone — for any reason. Casinos share information on card counters with other casinos, so, get caught at one, and you probably won't be permitted inside another. Casinos can detain and question persons suspected of cheating but can't force them to pose for pictures. As casinos are the main Vegas industry, don't count on much help from the cops if you're caught cheating.

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