Lancaster Law Office LLC Articles Husband Accused of Arranging Murder While in Jail for Domestic Violence

Husband Accused of Arranging Murder While in Jail for Domestic Violence

By Lancaster Law Office  Feb. 21, 2012 9:51a

C.W. recently pleaded not guilty while in court on charges of hiring someone to murder his wife. Nearly a year ago the 49-year-old man’s estranged wife, A.W. was killed while staying with a married couple, B.R. and T.R., which were friends of hers. T.R. is the defendant’s sister and her husband, B.R. was also found dead at the time. A.W.’s daughter who was also staying in the home was not harmed and reports do not state whether or not she had witnessed any of what happened to her mother and B.R. It is alleged that C.W. was in jail for domestic violence charges when he arranged to have some former co-workers murder his wife for $10,000. Taped confessions by three men who are also charged in connection to the murders were played at the court hearing. One of the men explains how he was told he would be paid $10,000 for killing C.W.’s estranged wife and $10,000 for C.W.’s sister and her husband. Despite the videotaped confession, the three men pled not guilty as well. If you have been charged with domestic abuse or violence of any kind you need tough defense you can count on. Speak with a Denver domestic violence lawyer today to find out what can be done for your case.

Domestic Violence Attorney Representing Denver

Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously by Denver law enforcement and the justice system. A Lancaster domestic violence defense attorney with us at the Lancaster Law Office has helped clients facing serious domestic abuse or violence charges get a positive outcome in their case. Our knowledgeable legal team understands what our client is going through when facing these charges and work swiftly and aggressively to create a strong defense strategy on their behalf. We have successfully defended clients in the Denver area that have been charged or arrested for child abuse, spousal abuse, stalking, GLBT domestic violence (violence cases involving gay, lesbian, bisexual or transvestite individuals), violating a restraining order or order of protection and more. The penalties for these crimes if a conviction is obtained can be very severe so if you feel you have been unjustly put under a restraining order or have been arrested after false accusations, do not hesitate to get the help of a defense lawyer that will fight for you.

Contact a Denver domestic violence lawyer with our firm today to discover how we may be able to defend you against the charges you are facing!

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