Martin & Wallentine Articles Police Arrest DUI Suspect With Multiple Prior Convictions

Police Arrest DUI Suspect With Multiple Prior Convictions

By Martin & Wallentine  May. 30, 2012 4:16p

Kansas Man Faces Potentially Lengthy Sentence After Latest DUI Charge

After police arrested a suspect who had fled the scene of the crime in his car, sending authorities on a chase then ended in a collision, they learned that the alleged drunk driver had a long record of drunk driving convictions. With at least seven prior DUI offenses in the county, and more in other parts of both Missouri and Kentucky, the man might expect a prolonged stay in prison should he be found guilty.

According to police records, the suspect is a 50-year old local man with a slew of DUI offenses and other crimes on his record. Currently on probation after serving time for a theft conviction, the man came to the attention of law enforcement when they were informed of a domestic disturbance.

The defendant allegedly arrived drunk at a relative's house, and drew a knife on the residents of the house after being asked to leave. Upon the arrival of officers of the law, the suspect fled the scene in a 1998 Ford Taurus. He led the officers on a chase, eventually reaching the highway.

Charges Adding Up Against Defendant, Police Say

The Kansas Highway Patrol began to follow the man, chasing him down Highway U.S. 69. He eventually crashed his vehicle, reports the Highway Patrol, as he was attempting to exit onto 103rd Street.

Alleged to have been intoxicated, the defendant will add yet another charge of driving under the influence to his record. This marks the man's 18th suspension or revocation of his license, which was already revoked in the state of Kansas. In addition, he faces charges of fleeing from the scene of a crime and driving without a license.

The defendant is currently awaiting trial at a local jail. His bail has been set at $100,000. Should he be convicted of this latest DUI, it could be treated as a felony, with the possibility of several years in prison.

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