Should I hire an attorney, border agents have been investagating me since 2010?

Border patrol held me in may 2010 tower had seen 3 ppl run from my vehicel but was not able to locate them so they released me but siezed my durango had me locked with illegals for a whole night wanted me to give names and get them 4 truck loads smuggled threw my village And they well not charge me for the 3 that they never located, to this day i am being fallowed around by undercover border patrol and retired agents they are crule people i dont fill safe i have me 3 children in my truck with me at times. The recent thing that happened was i was traveling south to a resturant in the next village 30 miles south a border patrol vehicel north bound saw me turned aound behind me saw that i pulled in to the resturant, on my way in there were 4 huge cows on the side they didnt move jus stayed off the road. As i was leaving saw the border patrol parked in the area where the cows were didnt think anything of it just wondering oh my god what are they gona do now, as i came closer saw only one agent on the passenger side looking at me then these 4 cows ran infront on my truck saw a rock landed by the road saw the driver run behind the marked border patrol, i swerved to left lane avoid hitting the cows opened my window yelled to the agent " what the hell did you do that for!!" he jus looked at me smiled i didnt call police becouse they wont do anything they always take there side and say file a complant that wont solve anything but put me more danger situation. I am afraid they well put something on me just to lock me up they told me when they get i was going away for a long time, border patrol went as far as putting a tower camera less then 3 miles behind my home. I know i did crime but there the one who released me, they violate my rights as a citizen they stated that the constitution mean a thing it was changed by supreme court. Sorry so long but this is just small portion of my situation thank you for your time i well be waiting for your advice..

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In immigration cases like yours, it is often best to hire an immigration defense or criminal defense attorney to help you in court. Considering your lengthy history with border patrol, it sounds like you would benefit greatly from having a legal professional on your side. Considering your previous crimes, if you smuggled immigrants into America then you are guilty of aiding an illegal alien. According to the Immigration and Nationality Act, it is a felony to bring an illegal alien into the United States anywhere expect at a port of entry. As well, it is illegal to transport an illegal alien within the United States or to conceal, harbor, or shield an illegal immigrant from detection. If you have been suspected of this crime, then the border has the right to keep you under investigation. You will want to hire a criminal defense attorney to advocate for you should the border patrol or law enforcement discovers a crime by which they can send you to court.

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