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Assault Charges
Texas criminal defense attorney, Doug Atkinson discusses fighting assault charges.
Motions to Suppress
Tampa DUI Attorney, Jeff Paulk discusses filing a motion to suppress evidence in DUI arrest cases.
Clear your Criminal Record
Explaining the expungement or clearing of a criminal record from a LA criminal defense lawyer.

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David Seltzer on TruTV Part 2

Miami Attorney David Seltzer on TruTV InSession-Friday, February 10, 2012- PART 2
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Outstading Warrants

Brett Schwartz speaks about warrants resulting from one's failure to appear in court.
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State or Federal Charges

Many internet crimes can be charged at either the Federal or State level.
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White Collar Crimes

Attorney Robert Bernstein speaks about white collar crimes such as theft, fraud and embezzlement.
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Is Justice Possible?

Criminal defense lawyer Guy Womack talks about the prison scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison and why his client is innocent.
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The O'Reilly Factor | Attorney Ian N. Friedman

Attorney Ian N. Friedman made an appearance on national cable television on The O'Reilly Factor.
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In Session

Attorney David Seltzer addresses the Casey Anthony Trial on TruTv's In Session.
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ALR Hearing

Thomas A. D'Amore explains the ALR hearing process and how he can assist you with your hearing.
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Criminal Defense Attorney in Norman Oklahoma

Douglas J. Smith, Attorney for the Smith Law Office, P.C. was established in 1990 focusing on Criminal DUI Defense for Cleveland County District Court. Call (405) 360-2660 for a Free Consultation ...
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Clearwater DUI Lawyer Jackson Hilliard On Florida DMV Hearing Process

A DMV hearing assesses if law enforcement has probable cause to believe your faculties were impaired. Clearwater DUI Defense Attorney Jackson Hillard explains the Florida DMV hearing process and what ...
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