How Many States Have the Death Penalty?

The "death penalty," also known as capital punishment or execution is form of punishment in 32 states, and this includes the federal and military legal systems. The application of the death penalty is limited by the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution and applies to ...
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How Many States Have the Death Penalty?
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Drug Programs

San Antonio criminal defense attorney, Tylden Shaeffer discusses drug programs.

Fraud Charges

Explaining the different types of white collar crimes people are charged with.

White Collar Crimes

What are white collar crimes? Tampa criminal defense lawyer Jeff Paulk discusses.


North Carolina DWI Attorney, Tim Burch, discusses DWI charges.

Clear your Criminal Record

Explaining the expungement or clearing of a criminal record from a LA criminal defense lawyer.

Marijuana Charges

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney, Matt McNally discusses Marijuana charges.

Assault Charges

Texas criminal defense attorney, Doug Atkinson discusses fighting assault charges.

Motions to Suppress

Tampa DUI Attorney, Jeff Paulk discusses filing a motion to suppress evidence in DUI arrest cases.

DUI - a Two Step Process

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, David Diamond discusses how a DUI case is actually a two step process.

Felony Charges

Discussing felony charges and what to do if charged with a crime in Pennsylvania.

Federal Criminal Charges

Discussing the differences between a federal and state criminal case.

Sobriety Tests

Ryan Okabe discusses field sobriety tests and advice on taking them.

Charged With a Crime

What should you do after being charged with a crime?

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