I got an infraction for being loud and unruly in public, should I contest the citation?

I walked into a party, and cops came and kicked everyone out. As I walked out with many other people, one of the cops asked me a question, and I guessed I misheard the question or something. She made me sit down and hand her my ID. She thought I lived at the house, and stated that I will be cited for an infraction for loud noise. The owner of the house got a house ticket, while she gave me a ticket as well. I kept telling her I don't live her, and I was simply leaving the house, but she wouldn't budge or listen. She even wrote on the citation that my address is at that house, but I am not even from the area. Should I contest this citation? anyone know what the charges and fees might come out to be?Thanks

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In California, disturbing the peace is taken very seriously and yet because it is often considered to be a “he said she said” situation, it can tend to be quite difficult to actually prove. Depending on the severity of the disturbance a police officer can choose to either charge a person with either an infraction or a misdemeanor. Because of the uniqueness of every situation regarding a charge like this, it is encouraged to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to fight your charges. From the looks of your situation, the cop was not taking the time to listen to you that the party was not at your home. Contact a defense attorney and specifically share the details of the night and the arrest, and to determine if it is best to contest the charges. While this may be a smaller citation, it is likely that there are going to be fines, and if you don’t want to , or don’t have the money, to pay these fines, contacting an attorney is your best option. The amount of money that will be owed from these fines varies by state, though it is likely they could add up to a few hundred dollars, which is why most people would prefer to contest the charges. Don’t wait because time is of the essence when contesting charges.

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