Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear Articles Grocery Store Shoplifting Escalates to Robbery

Grocery Store Shoplifting Escalates to Robbery

By Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear  Sep. 6, 2011 3:25p

A man was approached by the manager of a local grocery store after he was observed shoplifting several food items. He was seen going throughout the store and stuffing goods into his backpack as he "shopped" the various isles. When confronted by the store manager and asked to open his backpack the man appeared to comply. He unzipped the bag revealing a handgun which he then took hold of and told the manager to back off. The man, a white male in his early 20s, then fled the market with the stolen goods.

The police were called and searched for the individual with the help of K-9 units but were unable to find the suspect. They did find his backpack which still contained several food items that he had stolen as well as what turned out to be an air pistol.

Robbery Is a Felony Offense

State law defines "robbery" as unlawfully obtaining the property of another against that person's will through the use of force or physical harm or threats of force or harm. While the theft crime of shoplifting is taken quite seriously, robbery is considered a violent crime and is dealt with much more harshly. This offense is punishable with severe felony sentencing which can include over fourteen years in state prison. The use of a weapon and/or any inflicted injury can significantly enhance the charges and thus the penalties if a conviction is obtained.

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The criminal justice system takes charges for violent crimes such as robbery very seriously. The prosecution will be working hard to get a conviction and the harshest sentencing possible for the alleged crime. If you have been charged with robbery or another theft crime in the northwest Washington state area, it is absolutely crucial that you get the help of a Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer right away. I am Attorney Lance Fryrear and I am dedicated to providing excellent representation to each and every client whose case I take on. I understand the fear and uncertainty that my client may be facing in criminal proceedings so I do everything possible in their defense to get results. Every case is different so call my office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Contact a Lynnwood theft lawyer and see what may be done for your case. You deserve to have a strong defense attorney on your side!

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