Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer is not an easy task. Not only are there a multitude of lawyers in your area to choose from, but certain lawyers will excel in areas where others may not. As such, it is important to review your options and contact several lawyers to see which one you feel most comfortable with and which you feel will be right for your particular situation. For example, the approach to a first DUI offense may be very different than for a defendant who is under investigation for a federal crime or has been arrested for murder. It is helpful to work with a lawyer who understands how to approach your particular case.

Some important issues to look at in choosing a criminal defense attorney may include the following:

  • Experience
  • Years in practice
  • Practice areas
  • Track record
  • Case results
  • Client testimonials
  • Educational background

You may be interested to learn what state bar associations the attorney or attorneys are a part of, how big the firm is, what their practice areas are, and what geographical locations they serve. Additionally, the attitude of the attorney him or herself is a vital issue. For example, some lawyers may take a more aggressive approach, while others focus more on investigation. Some may be particularly experienced litigators while others may excel in negotiation. Others may be highly experienced, taking a well-rounded approach that will accommodate whatever route your case takes. It is important that you not only feel that you can trust an attorney with your case, but that you feel confident in and comfortable with your choice. In the end, it will be your choice, and yours alone.

You may be looking for a boutique firm that can provide you with personal attention that your case needs. You may be working within a limited budget and looking for the most cost effective legal representation you can find. Or, you may be looking to work with a large corporate law firm to handle your case.

Our directory was designed to make it as easy as possible to find a local criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. You can compare qualifications, experience and more by viewing their profiles or by visiting their websites. You can also call an individual firm to receive a confidential consultation involving your particular legal issue.

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