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Federal Authorities Seek Suspects in DEA Scam

By Law Offices of Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C.  Apr. 3, 2012 10:41a

Several elderly individuals in the Dallas area recently reported getting frightening calls from supposed U.S. DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agents. A 68-year-old woman said someone had called her saying they were with the DEA and were threatening to arrest her. The “agent” that called stated that the woman was to be arrested for the illegal purchase of prescription drug on the internet. The senior citizen who was being targeted by the scammers was in tears and very frightened when the caller threatened her with being picked up by agents in the area unless she were to pay a $4,000 fine over the phone. State and federal authorities are investigating the scam in an attempt to capture those responsible. Are you under investigation or have you been charged for a federal offense? Speak with a federal criminal defense attorney representing clients nationwide immediately to make sure your rights are protected.

DEA Scam Affects Victims Nationwide

Other cases in this scam have been reported throughout Texas and the rest of the country. They each follow a similar pattern wherein an elderly individual or couple is targeted by callers claiming to be with the DEA. The callers can be very convincing using a caller id that says “Drug Enforcement Agency” and even using the name of an actual DEA agent. In one instance when a Texas man was called by supposed agents and told to pay a $1,200 fine for diet pills his wife bought on the internet, the man refused to pay over the phone. The fake agents then said they would meet him at his home, they already knew his address. Three plain-clothed individuals in a dark-colored SUV arrived at his house but the man again refused to pay without some sort of warrant or documentation of the alleged crime. The three then left saying they would return the next day but they never did. As yet, authorities have yet to take into custody anyone connected with the DEA scam.

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer for Nationwide Cases

If you have been charged with a federal crime then you need a defense attorney that really knows how to handle these serious cases. An experienced lawyer with the law offices of Guy L. Womack & Associates has successfully represented clients in cases involving computer crimes, money laundering, mail fraud, health care fraud, weapons charges, federal sex crimes, federal drug crimes, violent crimes and more. Make sure your rights and liberty are being aggressively defended by a dedicated attorney!

Contact a federal criminal defense attorney at the firm today by scheduling an initial consultation.

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