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Phishing Charges & Other Computer Crimes

By Guy L. Womack & Associates  Sep. 7, 2011 9:47a

The term phishing, according to some sources, came about in 1996 and is an alteration of the word fishing, though the concept is similar. The word phishing, however, relates to a form of online identity theft and virus spreading. The alleged "phishers" are fishing for your personal information hoping you will bite on their "hook."

How a Phishing Expedition Operates

A typical example of a phishing operation might be in a case where you were to check your e-mail and you see an alarming notice that looks like it is from your bank or from some other legitimate and familiar business. It looks professional enough with the appropriate logos, but something is a little off. It may say that your account is going to be closed if you do not reply immediately due to some problem that has arisen with your account or a similar alarming notification.

When you open the e-mail, they may ask for personal information regarding your account or state that they need to update and verify information. If you bite on the hook, you have just become another victim of identity theft. Phishers will try to mimic companies like eBay, Amazon, well known banks and credit card companies in attempts to steal personal information.

Phishers can also infect computers with viruses or convince unsuspecting people to participate in money laundering activities. They will use the information gathered for making illegal purchases or for other forms of fraud leaving you with a depleted account and a desire to be more careful in the future. Phishing is a computer crime and carries harsh penalties if one is convicted of this offense.

Have you been accused of a computer crime?

With the increase in computer crime, investigations and prosecutions are becoming more thorough and harsher; the government now has entire task forces set up dedicated to the handling of these crimes. The offenses they look for include: computer hacking, fraud, child pornography, identity theft, spamming and phishing, sex crimes against children, harassment, stalking and more. If you have been accused of any of the above computer crimes in Houston or some other area in the U.S., you should consult with a nationwide criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

Aggressive Defense for Computer Crime Charges Nationwide

At Guy Womack & Associates, we are experienced with computer crime cases and you will need aggressive, skilled defense. Federal agencies may have been building evidence against you for quite some time to secure a conviction and levy maximum penalties against you. Attorney Womack has become one of the most respected and powerful criminal defense attorneys in the country and has a record of stellar results with clients. Mr. Womack and his son Geoff, work together as a team and are based in Houston, Texas, though they handle cases nationwide.

For effective, aggressive defense, contact a federal computer crime attorney in our office for a free initial consultation to fight the charges being brought against you.

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