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Roommate Arrested on Suspicion of Murder

By Law Offices of Okabe & Haushalter October 23, 2013

Las Vegas Police recently arrested a woman accused of killing her male roommate. M.P., 26 years old, has been charged in the shooting death of a man with whom she shared a two bedroom apartment. She and her roommate had reportedly been arguing when the altercation escalated. Her roommate went into his bedroom and shut the door while M.P. allegedly retrieved a shotgun from her room. Authorities say that the woman fired a single shot into the closed door. The man was hit by the shotgun blast through the door. He was on the phone at the time but reports do not state who he was talking to or who called authorities about the incident. M.P. fled the scene and was picked up by a friend who drove her to a local business. Police and ambulance personnel arrived at the apartment and found the male roommate dead in his room. Police found M.P. at the nearby business and took her into custody. The friend that was with her was released and not charged with any offense but M.P. faces a number of serious criminal allegations. She has been charged with assault, robbery and murder. Reports did not describe details about the robbery charge. Make sure you have the immediate help of a top criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with a serious violent crime.

About Murder Charges and Penalties

Murder is one of the most serious and sensational criminal charges there are. The penalties are very severe if a conviction is obtained so it is vital that you have representation that knows how to handle these types of cases. Murder is punished by 25 years or more in a state or federal penitentiary with no possibility for parole for up to 10 years. Nevada is also a capital punishment state which means a first degree murder conviction may be punished by the death penalty.

Las Vegas Murder Defense Attorney

When the stakes are this high then you can't afford to have anything less than excellent, proven defense representation. A criminal defense attorney with us at Okabe & Haushalter is driven to getting our clients the best outcome possible no matter how hard the prosecution works to get a conviction. We are passionate about putting up a tough fight for our client's rights and freedom. Contact our law offices immediately if you are being investigated for murder or have been arrested and charged. We may be able to get you an outcome you never thought possible.

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