The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs Articles Getting a Restricted Driver’s License after a California DUI

Getting a Restricted Driver’s License after a California DUI

By The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs  Jul. 17, 2013 11:30a

One of the most difficult aspects of being convicted of a California DUI is the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. The state of California considers driving a privilege and not a right which is why the Department of Motor Vehicles will automatically suspend your license when notified of a DUI arrest. A DUI arrest can lead to a license suspension as an administrative action or through a court conviction of DUI or as a result of having too many points on your driving record.

Those who have had their license suspended due to a DUI arrest may, however, be eligible for a noncommercial restricted license. A restricted license will allow you to drive to work or school and to DUI school or your alcohol / drug treatment program. You will be eligible for such a license if you fulfill all of the requirements. These include 1) this is your first offense within 10 years 2) you completed a chemical test 3) your blood alcohol level was .08 percent or above while driving a noncommercial vehicle or .04 percent or above while driving a commercial vehicle 4) you are 21 or older 5) your license hasn't been suspended or revoked for some other reason.

In order to get a restricted license after a DUI, you must enroll in DUI school and be given a Proof of Enrollment Certificate, file proof of financial responsibility, pay $125 for a reissue fee, and request a restricted license. You must wait for a 30-day period after your license has been suspended before you can apply for a restricted license.

DUI and Criminal Defense in Orange County, California

Being charged with a DUI can have a major impact on your life. Aside from possible jail time, heavy fines and court costs, DUI school or treatment program, license suspension, and probation, you will have to face the future with a permanent criminal record. Getting competent legal assistance is imperative if you want to come out the other end with the best possible case result.

The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs serves clients in the Orange County area with highly-experienced criminal defense representation. Mr. Gibbs has spent the last 30 years practicing nothing else as a legal professional; this extensive experience gives him the kind of knowledge, insight, and skill needed to be of invaluable assistance to his clients. He and his legal team have handled more than 2,500 cases for clients across the county, including Garden Grove, Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana, and Tustin. If you are facing DUI charges or any other type of criminal charge, contact his office for a free case review. Find out how his firm can start building your defense case today.

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