Statutory Rape Lawyers in Berkeley, California

If you are dealing with a legal matter involving or related to Statutory Rape, you may be contemplating whether to involve a Berkeley criminal defense lawyer to handle the matter. The following attorneys handle cases involving Statutory Rape in Berkeley and throughout the surrounding areas in California. You can look at their profiles to learn more about their services and can also call their offices to discuss your case and options. Dealing with Statutory Rape can be complicated and difficult. Your reputation may be on the line, and even your freedom. Make sure you find the right Berkeley Statutory Rape lawyer to protect your interests and concerns, no matter the particular circumstances surrounding your case.

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Los Angeles, CA 90071


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Los Angeles, CA 90028


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Los Angeles, CA 90068


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2242 Camden Ave. Suite 105
San Jose, CA 95124


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San Diego, CA 92101


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Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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1042 Palm Street Suite 204
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


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Woodland Hills, CA 91367