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Boyfriend Arrested for Domestic Assault while at Camp Ground

By Laboy Law Office  May. 20, 2013 9:53a

A 28-year-old Prescott man was taken into custody recently for an alleged domestic violence incident. The man, J.S., was camping with his girlfriend, her son and two other family members. J.S. and his girlfriend reportedly got into a heated argument at which point the alleged victim and witnesses say he picked her up and then threw her to the ground. She hit her head on a rock and lost consciousness for a short time. A male family member who had tried to intervene said that J.S. took out a handgun and fired several shots. No one was hit by the gun fire. The two unnamed family members, the victim and her son were able to get into the victim's vehicle and drive away leaving J.S. at the campsite. They called authorities while driving and met up with responding Yavapai County Sheriff's deputies. The deputies found J.S. asleep in his tent but could not find any weapon. The victim reported that J.S. had thrown the handgun into the woods after the incident. J.S. was taken into custody. An off-duty deputy that had been camping in the area located a handgun in the woods near J.S.'s campsite and submitted it as evidence in the case.

J.S. was booked into the Camp Verde jail and charged with several offenses. He was released on his own recognizance but must appear in court for disorderly conduct, possession of a firearm by a prohibited possessor, aggravated assault and three counts of endangerment for allegedly firing the gun in the direction of the victim's son and other family members when they tried to intervene. Domestic violence charges are serious and sometimes the allegations are exaggerated due to the highly emotional nature of such cases. It is crucial that you have a defender on your side that will weed out any emotionally trumped up charges and get down to what really happened. Consult with a criminal defense attorney right away if you have been charged with domestic assault or other crime.

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