DUI Offenses in Chicago

By Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege  Nov. 29, 2010 5:49p

If you are pulled over because a law enforcement officer suspects you of intoxicated driving you may end up facing serious criminal charges for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). DUI charges can permanently affect many aspects of your life including your driving record, insurance costs, job opportunities and even result in a temporary or even permanent loss of your driving privileges. This can further affect you by causing wage or job loss due to inability to get to work. These kinds of both short and long-term consequences can have extremely adverse consequences on a person's life so it is important to acquire legal aid from an experienced and professional Chicago DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

When an officer pulls you over for suspicion of drunk driving you will usually be asked to submit to field sobriety tests, a breath test, or the officer will search your vehicle for open alcohol containers. If you are determined to be drunk you will be arrested. Many additional steps are taken here, and it is important to contact your attorney before providing any information relating to the arrest to authorities. Field sobriety tests and breath tests are used to determine if a driver is impaired or intoxicated over the legal limit by alcohol, respectively. While law does not require submission to these tests, refusal can result in license suspension and immediate arrest.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Chicago

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges for a DUI or other traffic violation you need expert guidance from a legal team with many years of criminal defense experience. At the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege, we are dedicated to creating comprehensive defense tactics, offering you the best chance at fighting your criminal charges. When you are faced with a criminal charge, you should always get the best possible help available to you.

Contact a Chicago DUI Attorney at our offices immediately for the best chance your case needs.

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