Seltzer Law, PA Articles DUI Charges added against Lamborghini Driver involved in Fatal Wreck

DUI Charges Added Against Lamborghini Driver Involved in Fatal Wreck

By Seltzer Law, PA  May. 5, 2014 3:33p

A.T., 42 years old, remains hospitalized but will be turned over to police custody after his release due to a number of serious charges against him pertaining to a crash that killed his passenger and injured a man in the second vehicle involved. The crash happened when A.T. was driving his black Lamborghini on the MacArthur Causeway at an estimated 120 miles per hour in a 50 mph zone and rear-ended a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup, R.A., was on his way home after work and was stopped at a red light at the intersection with Palm Island when A.T. reportedly failed to stop and slammed into the back of the pickup. The high-end sports car was mangled and it took fire rescue over 40 minutes to pry the vehicle apart and get A.T. out. His passenger was pronounced dead at the scene and is suspected to have died instantly on impact with the truck. R.A. was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he is expected to survive the serious injuries he suffered. Police reports state that there was a strong odor of alcohol on A.T.'s breath and that his eyes were bloodshot when authorities were responding at the scene. A blood sample was taken when A.T. arrived at the hospital and test results say his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.16 percent nearly an hour after the wreck. He is facing charges of vehicular homicide, DUI manslaughter and DUI involving serious injury. The Miami-Dade judge on the case has ordered that A.T.'s bond be increased by $150,000 if he wishes to remain out of jail after his release from the hospital. If convicted of all the charges against him, A.T. could be sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison as well as thousands in fines and restitution. Get the help of an aggressive criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of a serious drunk driving offense such as DUI manslaughter!

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