The Law Office of Richard T. Jones Articles Man Suspected of Kidnapping & Assault Taken into Custody

Man Suspected of Kidnapping & Assault Taken into Custody

By The Law Office of Richard T. Jones  Jun. 3, 2013 3:42p

Austin Police have been looking for a man who was allegedly involved in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman in mid March. Police in Waco recently identified the suspect and arrested him. Reports state that a woman was riding her bike in East Austin after midnight on March 16th when she was grabbed and assaulted. A truck with two male suspects pulled up near her and both men got out of the vehicle and began chasing her. One of the men grabbed her off her bike and put her in the truck while the other man drove away with them. She says she was then forced into the back seat and sexually assaulted while the second suspect continued driving. She was eventually released and reported the incident to authorities. DNA evidence was collected and analyzed. Results of the DNA evidence came through several weeks later and pointed to 28-year-old M.B. who was already in custody on a separate offense. The victim identified M.B. as one of the men who kidnapped her and also the man who assaulted her in the truck. He was then charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault. Police continued to search for the second kidnapping suspect but were unable to find M.B.'s alleged accomplice. Investigators apparently got a lead sometime later which led to the recent arrest of J.B., 23 years old. He has also been charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault.

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