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The Cronin Law Firm is dedicated to providing aggressive, compassionate representation to individuals, couples and families who are facing family law matters. If you need a family law attorney in Michigan, count on the Cronin Law Firm.

In legal terms, personal injury refers to an injury, be it physical or psychological (emotional), that results from the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity. Medical malpractice, which is a type of personal injury...

Facing criminal charges is a serious matter than can result in life-changing consequences. In addition to repercussions like probation, fines and a permanent record, you could also be faced with jail or prison time. Additionally, the damage done

From starting a business to employment law issues and M&A’s, the business law attorneys of The Cronin Law Firm have not only legal expertise, but the practical knowledge necessary to help protect and grow your business. There are many online

If you’re the victim of a motor vehicle accident in Michigan, you need an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney in Michigan on your side. No matter what type of vehicle you were in when the accident occurred,

When considering if you need to hire an estate planning lawyer, consider this - estate planning is serious business. One wrong word or one missing signature can change the entire intent of a will or trust. An estate plan is something that every individual, regardless...

As an artist, you want to focus on creating. However, in an age where the internet, music streaming and other technological advances make it easier and easier to share things like music, photographs, artwork and writing,

New home, rental property or business, buying real estate is one of the most important investments most people will ever make. Though many websites offer do-it-yourself purchase agreements and real estate contracts, having an experienced real estate law
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