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The decision of child custody and support is one of the most difficult to be made during a divorce. Even if both parents agree to a resolution, the situation is extremely emotional for both children and parents. Having a child custody and child support attorney in Michigan with the experience to resolve these issues efficiently and compassionately can make all the difference. If the situation between parties is more volatile and an amicable solution cannot be reached, the Cronin Law firm will work relentlessly on your behalf to protect your parental rights.

Things to consider:

Child Support

Regardless of financial standing, both parents are obligated to support a child or children. Child support is usually paid to the parent with physical custody of a child up to the age of 18. If the child is a full-time student, support must be paid until they are 19 years and 6 months of age. Amounts are based on each of the parent’s respective incomes. In joint physical custody situations, the number of overnight stays the child or children spend with each parent is a key factor in determining compensation.

Child Custody

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to custody. Each case is evaluated on its own merit. Prior behavior of each parent is considered heavily when determining whether there will be full custody, joint custody or whether a parent will be supervised during visitation with their children. Michigan is also a state that provides rights for “grandparenting time”. Grandparent rights are very complex and depend considerably on how the relationship will affect the child, positive or negative.

If you are a mother, father or grandparent dealing with a child custody or child support conflict, count on the experience of Cronin Law.

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