Okabe & Haushalter - San Francisco Articles Alleged Repeat Offender Arrested for Embarcadero Parking Scam

Alleged Repeat Offender Arrested for Embarcadero Parking Scam

By Okabe & Haushalter  Jan. 15, 2013 9:59a

50-year-old G.A. was arrested this week under suspicion of committing the same crime he was arrested for in early December. Police had taken G.A. into custody on December 1st after reportedly seeing the man charge two tourists $50 each to park their car in a parking lot at Bay and Kearny streets. The parking lot has signs posted that there is no attendant on duty and visitors are supposed to pay for parking using an autopay system. Some drivers, however, were apparently confused when a man allegedly posing as an attendant would tell each driver what the parking fee was, accept the cash and then direct the car to open parking spaces. An SFPD officer identified G.A. as the man taking people's money in that incident. More recently, a tourist entering the same parking lot had been allegedly "charged" by G.A. to park in the lot. After giving the man the cash and parking, the tourist had misgivings about the situation and asked a nearby officer if the man that had accepted the cash was indeed an employee working as the parking lot attendant. The officer reported that he recognized G.A. from last month's arrest and saw the man put cash from his pocket into the autopay machine once he supposedly saw that the officer's attention was on him. G.A. was taken into custody on suspicion of probation violation and felony theft. He was on probation after a conviction for a possession or receipt of stolen property charge. He is being held in jail without bail. Don't hesitate another moment! Begin working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer immediately if you have been arrested.

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