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Stabbing Suspect Arrested after Weeks of Investigation

By Law Offices of Okabe & Haushalter October 23, 2013

Detectives with the San Francisco Police Department have been looking for a man suspected of causing serious injury to a man outside a bar in the Cow Hollow area. The incident occurred at around 1:00 in the morning in early August. The suspect and another man had left a bar moments before when they began arguing. The argument intensified and the suspect reportedly stabbed the other man in the arms. The victim was stabbed several times in both arms and was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital by ambulance. He was treated for nerve damage and blood loss and later released. The suspected attacker had fled the area before authorities arrived but investigators obtained a description of the man from the victim and surveillance video which captured the incident. The victim did not know the man and the reason for the argument was not described in reports. Police released a picture of the stabbing suspect taken from the surveillance footage. After several weeks, a tip led to the arrest of J.H., 22 years old. J.H. was taken into custody without incident on suspicion of several serious felony charges including aggravated mayhem, use of a deadly weapon, aggravated assault causing serious injury, and attempted murder. Get the help of a criminal defense attorney now if you have been accused of a serious felony offense!

About Assault and Attempted Murder Charges

Assault, battery and attempted murder charges are different types of offense charges but can have extremely serious consequences if a conviction is obtained. Assault is charged when someone threatens to cause harm to another. Battery is charged when physical harm is intentionally caused but without the intention to cause death. Both assault and battery can be considered misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the specific circumstances. Attempted murder is a felony offense charged when someone is accused of intentionally trying to kill another person (but was unsuccessful). A conviction for attempted murder or felony assault or felony battery can result in expensive fines and many years behind bars as well as other penalties.

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