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California Mom Who Killed Her Daughter Released

By Okabe & Haushalter  Feb. 8, 2013 10:45a

In a very unusual case, a California woman who drowned her 3 year-old daughter three years ago was released from a Patterson jail recently where she had been held. The woman, J.B. had been declared insane at the time of the incident but was not sent to a mental health facility by the court which is the usual procedure in such cases. The judge in the case declared she was not guilty by reason of insanity based on psychiatric evaluations made at the time. The same doctors who examined the woman at the time of the incident declared that she was now sane, resulting in her jail release.

Prosecutors on the case were not happy with the court's decision to release her. They plan to appeal the decision, citing that the woman has not been subjected to proper and thorough evaluation. They maintain that she may pose a risk to public safety. Because of double jeopardy laws, the woman cannot be retried for the murder she committed in January 2010. Neighbors who reside near the house where the murder took place expressed criticism of the bizarre way the case was handled and dismay at the news of the woman's release.

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