Latest News 2010 August Police Discover 3,000 Marijuana Plants

Police Discover 3,000 Marijuana Plants

Today, it was reported that a man from West Hills suspected of growing $24 million worth of marijuana is facing felony charges. 49-year-old Natale Gabriele was arrested on suspicion of cultivating thousands of plants in the San Fernando Valley park. 

On Thursday, Gabriele was placed under arrest and booked on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale. Los Angeles officers believe that more arrests are expected.  On Friday, Gabriele posted $100,000 bail and was released.

Officers say that a 10 month investigation resulted in Gabriele's arrest.  Police had asked the California National Guard to help them locate and photograph suspected pot farms.  Back in April, detectives were informed that a growing operation may have been spotted. In July, police hiked in area and found over 100 marijuana plants.  Officers say the plants were well hidden from view and were located 1.5 miles north of the park. They found over 3000 other plans in the general area in various stages of growth and believe that the operation had been going on for two years.

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