Latest News 2010 May Man Charged with Rape and Attempted Murder

Man Charged with Rape and Attempted Murder

News sources report that a man was recently charged with rape and attempted murder. The man found himself facing criminal charges after the 14 year old victim was left in a house fire that induced coma.

This weekend, police noticed that smoke was coming from a townhouse in Landis Court. However, despite their fervent attempts, they were not able to break into the home due to the heat and flames.

Later, after firefighters arrived at the scene, the girl was dragged from a burning bathroom. Officers say that she was home alone when they found her. The girl remains in the hospital and has burns on over 50% of her body.

Officers report that a 24 year old male has been arrested for raping and trying to murder the 14 year old. He is expected to make his appearance in court later this week.

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