Latest News 2012 December Widow Convicted for Hiring Hit Men to Brutally Kill Husband and Mother-in-Law

Widow Convicted for Hiring Hit Men to Brutally Kill Husband and Mother-in-Law

A millionaire and his mother were brutally beaten to death in 2009, and the man's wife has now been convicted of murder and is looking at 27 years to life in prison, as reported by Yahoo News and other media outlets.

N.N., allegedly expecting the conviction, failed to appear in court. One juror remarked, "We all wondered, 'Where's (N.N.)?'" and also questioned whether or not she will be at the next phase of the trial – the sentencing.

N.N., along with her brother, C.V., were convicted of the murder-by-hire plot to kill B.N. Jr. and his mother, B.N. B.N. Jr. was beaten to death while he was staying in a hotel in New York and his mother was killed in her home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The Miami Beach Fontainebleau hotel, which was used in the films "Scarface" and "Goldfinger" was built my B.N. Sr.

The U.S. attorney's office is asking Judge Kenneth Karas to sentence N.N. to life in prison. However, B.N.'s attorney, Howard Tanner, is asking for a 27-year sentence. Tanner said that his client was a minor player in the murder plot and should therefore be found "substantially less culpable than other participants."

Tanner is also asking that the judge consider N.N.'s age, 56, and the fact that she has no criminal record, into account before the sentencing.

The lawyer representing C.V. has not submitted a recommendation for sentencing.

Tanner added that his client, even if given only 27 years of imprisonment, would more than likely die in prison. Yet, according to Tanner, the lighter sentence would allow her the "chance of reformation and rehabilitation."

Tanner told the judge, "She would be released from prison an elderly woman with virtually no possessions or home. Her future is in all respects bleak and limited."

Having no possessions, according to prosecutor Elliott Jacobson, is the way things should remain for N.N. Jacobson wrote in his court papers to the judge that the siblings "engaged in the very worst criminal conduct imaginable. They are evil; they are dangerous; they are remorseless; and they are relentless…involved particularly cruel, sadistic and gratuitous savagery seldom seen in the annals of crime."

Prosecutors had successfully argued that N.N., fearing that her husband was going to leave her as he was engaged in an extra-marital affair, had a reason to want him killed.

N.N. had signed a premarital agreement – that would have succinctly prevented her from obtaining any funds from the family's multimillion-dollar estate if B.N. Sr. had pursued a divorce.

N.N. and her brother then allegedly hatched the plan: C.V. would hire a band of thugs to do the deed for them. The hired killers testified in court. One admitted to using a plumber's wrench to bash B.N. in the head and teeth until she was dead, another said he used barbells and a knife to kill B.N. Jr.

C.V. denied being involved in the scheme and instead laid blame on N.N.'s daughter.

N.N. and C.V. were also convicted of domestic violence, stalking, money laundering and witness tampering.

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