Latest News 2012 June Girlfriend "Head over Heels" in Love with Boyfriend that Forced Her to Commit Bestiality

Girlfriend "Head over Heels" in Love with Boyfriend that Forced Her to Commit Bestiality

As reported by the Herald News from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, is the curious tale of a woman due to testify against her boyfriend for forcing her to commit bestiality, but instead has changed her story, more than once, because she is still in love with him.

Allegedly three days prior to retracting her story with police, the woman, 38, wrote the man, 39, a love letter.

The woman took the stand in Nova Scotia Supreme Court on June 12. Her ex-boyfriend faces charges – nine in all – that include forcing the woman to have sex with his dog, sexual assault and assault with a knife. All of the alleged events occurred between November 1, 2008 and August 11, 2010.

Police recorded the woman's original statement on videotape.

On February 16, 2011, the woman recanted all of the allegations in a letter she gave to Barry Whynot, the legal aid defense lawyer.

Nearly one month later, on March 15, 2011, nine emails were exchanged between the woman and her ex-boyfriend. One of the emails, according to court records, the woman wished the man sweet dreams and said she'd be dreaming of him. The letter had several emoticons – a kiss, a hug, a heart, a wine and lips – attached to it.

Three days later, in another flip, the woman told the RCMP that her ex-boyfriend forced her to recant her original allegations, which she now contended were still true.

However, in yet another e-mail, Whynot discovered that the woman's former boyfriend had moved on with a new woman. Whynot suggested that the ex-girlfriend sought revenge in changing her story with the RCMP.

The woman told Whynot, "It has nothing to do with his (new) girlfriend. I called to say it was true, it did happen, because I knew it was the right thing to do. It bothered me to lie about it because I knew what he had done."

The woman claimed that the e-mail exchange was done in a laid-back manner.

In another statement, the woman said the man had begun treating her better since their breakup. His attitude made her believe they may still get back together. However, she realized, it was not the case, he just wanted her to retract her allegations.

The woman described her ex as controlling – he allegedly did not allow her to go alone into the bathroom at night – and having an volatile temperament. In one instance, under the man's questioning, the woman claims to have rolled up into a ball on the floor. In that instance, she testified, "all I could do was rock back and forth."

Fearful and confused, the woman admitted "I thought I loved him and I still wanted him back."

The defendant's sister-in-law described a different relationship: her brother-in-law is a "goody-goody" and the woman, with an addiction to prescription drugs, would often fall asleep on the couch, be incapable of having a normal conversation and couldn't comprehend basic questions.

The sister-in-law further testified that the woman was "head-over-heels" in love with "the perfect man" and "couldn't imagine life without him."

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