D'Amore Law Firm Articles Texas High School Teacher Arrested for Sexting

Texas High School Teacher Arrested for Sexting

By D’Amore Law Firm  Mar. 27, 2013 10:20a

Sexting, which involves sending and receiving text messages containing sexual images or material, has led to the arrest and charges against a Colleyville Heritage High School teacher. The teacher, C.D., is a 25 year-old man who was both a music teacher and choir director at the school since 2009. He was arrested by Grapevine law enforcement on suspicion of having an improper relationship with one of his students. He was later charged with that as a second-degree felony as well as a third-degree felony for online solicitation. The total bail set for the charges was $15,000. After being placed on leave by the school district where he worked, he resigned the following week prior to his arrest.

According to newspaper reports, law enforcement accused the man of soliciting a 16 year-old student. Inappropriate sexting occurred, including nude images sent back and forth between the teacher and student. One of the social dangers connected with sexting is that any material sent through cell phones can be stolen and posted on social media and internet sites. The Internet Watch Foundation in 2012 reported that 88 percent of such material is taken and uploaded elsewhere. Legal ramifications are also involving in sexting with minors. In many cases, prosecutors pursue sexting as a criminal offense when involving minors, based on existing child pornography laws.

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sex crimes are among the most serious accusations that a person can face, leading to social ruin, the loss of a job or career, and an uphill battle in the criminal justice system. Those accused of such crimes need strong legal representation. D'Amore Law Firm offers such representation from an attorney who has extensive criminal trial experience. Tom D'Amore has won over 401 jury trials over a 23-year career in criminal defense. He is a former Dallas County District Attorney Office lawyer who has worked on such serious criminal cases as those involving capital murder as well as murder charges. He has an outstanding reputation with local judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement.

If you are facing any type of criminal charge in Dallas, you can trust your case to this firm. Contact Mr. D'Amore's offices to avail yourself of a free case evaluation immediately following any arrest. Learn more about criminal defense topics through the firm's videos and information provided at www.criminaldefenselawfirmdallas.com.

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