Freedman Law Group Articles Five Teens Charged in Suspected Armed Robbery Incident

Five Teens Charged in Suspected Armed Robbery Incident

By Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman  Jun. 10, 2013 10:29a

Five males, ages 18 through 19, were recently charged with several offenses relating to the armed robbery of a man in early February. The victim, a Central Michigan University student was walking along S. Main Street near campus late at night when he says a vehicle pulled up near where he was walking. He continued to walk but then heard the steps of several individuals running behind him. He was hit in the head by a hard object and then robbed at gun point. One of the individuals allegedly held a snub-nose revolver while another demanded that he give them what he had in his pockets. The robbers got away with $20 and credit cards. Reports do not show how the five teens were identified and later taken into custody but court records state that three of the individuals admitted to the crime while two denied having been part of it. One of the group told police that one of the teens denying involvement had been the one who hit the victim in the head with a bottle. The arrestees explained to authorities that they had been drinking, ran out of alcohol and needed money to buy more. They reportedly first spotted a woman walking alone and were going to rob her but she went into a house. Then they selected the university student. Ensure your rights are protected by having a criminal defense attorney on your side immediately if you have been accused of a crime.

Suspects Charged with Multiple Felonies

The five teens have been charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery. The maximum sentence for the assault charge is four years in prison while the armed robbery offenses can carry a maximum life in prison sentence if a conviction is obtained. Violent crimes such as armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon are severely punished so it is crucial that you have the legal protection you deserve to prevent a conviction. Do not face criminal charges on your own!

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Clients in Michigan

Michigan prosecutors don't mess around when it comes to going after anyone charged with a violent crime or other serious offense so it is crucial that you have the help of a defender that will do everything possible to fight the charges against you. Contact our dedicated legal team at the Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman now to find out how we may be able to get the charges you are facing reduced or dismissed altogether!

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